Monday 16 April 2012

Macau - Las Vegas of the East

During the long weekend in Hong Kong, I decided to take a day trip to Macau to explore what was called the Las Vegas of the East. 

Situated 60km south-west of Hong Kong, I had to embark on a 1 hour Ferry ride from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal to the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. After alighting the ferry, I grabbed a map at the local tourism board counter and planned my route for the day. I had my eyes on some of the tourist attraction such as the Macau Tower, A-ma Temple, Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral and Casino Lisboa. With a handful of landmarks to visit in just a single day, I had to be fast! I took a bus to the furthest landmark - A-ma Temple, where I would slowly work my way back to the Ferry Terminal. 

Turbo Jet Ferry
Arriving at A-ma Temple, an ancient structure stood sturdily in front of me. With 500 years of history, this temple made out of stone was an eye opener to me. The temple was a contrast to the bustling city life of Macau and was swarmed with tourist who were either taking pictures or praying to the goddess of Matsu. I took the opportunity to walk around the temple and also snap a few pictures of this amazing place.

Entrance of A-ma Temple
Next, I made my way to the Macau Tower. Standing at 338 metres, the Macau Tower is the tallest building in the city of Macau. I took an elevator up the 61 storey tower and I was greeted by the breath taking view of Macau. With glass flooring installed at the top of the tower, I glanced down and found myself hovering in mid air. I strolled around the viewing gallery and took pictures of the 360 degree view that was laid right out in front of me. The magnificent view accompanied with the light breeze made me felt as though I was walking in the clouds. Before exiting the tower, I dropped by the merchandise store and found some really cool promotional products. Take a look at this blog to find out more!

Glass Flooring in the Viewing Gallery
After exiting the tower, I hopped on a cab and made my way to the next stop, Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral. I was awe-struck by the majestic structure that stood before my eyes. The remains of the stone structure was at the top of a hill and could be seen from afar. I made my way up to the top and when I reached, I was surrounded by the huge stone facade. I explored the ruins and was captivated by the view. I felt as though I was in Venice because the street lamps around the ruins had a Venetian touch to it. I was so immersed in exploring the ruins that I almost forgot I had one last stop to go - Casino Lisboa.

Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral
Streets of "Venice"
Casino Lisboa stands tall in the heart of Macau and is an architecture wonder. Look at the picture and you'll find out why! With such a grand outlook, it attracted the attention of many tourists, including me. It's not just the outlook that is grand but also the casino itself. Boasting 3 storeys of slot machines and tables, it is no wonder that Macau is reputable for its tourism and gambling trade. And this is just the start of it. There are many more grand casino in Macau that joins Casino Liboa in the gambling trade.

Entrance of Casino Lisboa
Hotel Lisboa
With the visit to Casino Lisboa, it marked the end of my visit in Macau. However, it is just the start for you!
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