Thursday 1 September 2011

Ferries- Hong Kong to Zhuhai

To get a ferry from Hong Kong, make sure you visit The China Travel Service in Wan Chai.

Here you can get a ticket to Zhuhai for 202 HKD. This is a very good price to pay as the staff speak English and can help you with finding the port.

It is recommended that you arrive at any terminal at least 45 minutes before leaving as you need to go through Hong Kong customs. For this you will need to fill out a departure form which can be found in the customs hall at the back.

For Zhuhai you need to travel to the Macau Ferry terminal, ideally take a taxi, and it will cost you around 30 HKD.

Once at the ferry terminal you need to take the lift up to the 3rd floor, from here you can find out your ferries departure lounge from the monitors that display English every thirty seconds.

If you are lucky and get to your departure lounge early, you will be able to get a seat, and wait to board.

On the ferry find your seat and relax- to Zhuhai it will take you around 90 minutes.

When you get to China fill out a Entry card and line up for Chinese customs, this is quite quick it took me around 15 minutes and prepare to get your picture taken!

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