Friday 21 August 2015

Final days in Zhuhai

The day has come for me to leave Zhuhai. It is with mixed feelings that I am saying goodbye to the place that I’ve called home for the last three months. It will be great to finally come home and see my friends and family that I’ve been away from for so long. On the other hand it will be difficult to leave when I’ve met so many amazing people throughout my time here. But as they say – all good things must come to an end.

Guangzhou skyline

I’ve had the chance to experience a lot during these past few months, from visiting tropical islands to exploring metropolises such as Guangzhou. It has been a life changing experience and something that I will never forget. Coming back to China after I graduate is definitely something that I have considered more than once. While the travelling has been amazing, the main reason why I came here was to work. During my time at the ODM group I have gained a lot of professional and personal skills. Having so many nationalities working together really increases your knowledge about different cultures. Working abroad is also something that will look great on my CV and increase my employability in the future.

Due to the location of Zhuhai in the Pearl River Delta I will get the chance to visit Hong Kong and Macau for the week that I have left here. Taking some time off and travelling before university starts again is something that I am looking forward to.
Whether it’s for working or travelling I hope I get to visit this place again. My time here has definitely opened my eyes for China.

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