Tuesday 4 August 2015

The New Yuan Ming Palace - Zhuhai

After only one day spend here in Zhuhai, I planned to visit one of the city's biggest tourist attractions here, The New Yuan Ming Palace. This place is definitely a visit worth, and especially because it is located in relatively central in Zhuhai so you don't need to use hours on transportation. And about that, I really not needed hours of transportation this day, because we where a bigger group of interns here in Zhuhai who went out on bars the night before.
After a cold shower around 10:00-11:00 am my flat mates and I took the bus down to the palace to discover the place.

The Palace seen from outside
The palace is a smaller copy of a bigger one, which is placed in Beijing and even though, it still has around 10.000.000 visitors a year. The palace has beautiful surroundings as well with a huge lake and a mountain from where you can jump on cable cars and enjoy the view up. 

The view of Zhuhai from the cable cars up the mountain
After a cold beer and a break from the sun, we spend 40 RMB each so we could enjoy the view up the mountain next to the palace in cable cars. This trip was just simply amazing and breath taken in the same time, you barely forgot all about your hangover from yesterday. 

Hiking down the mountain
After a stunning view we decided to hike down all the way down, which was just as beautiful as the trip up the mountain, because we reached the sunset. 

This trip was really an amazing experience, and I'm really looking forward for new experiences like this within next 3 months in Zhuhai. 

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