Thursday 6 August 2015

My first days in China

Hello everyone out there, my name is Tom and I'm a 19 years old male from Germany, currently studying for my undergraduate degree in Business Management and Sales at Heilbronn University.
I just started a marketing and sales internship at a outsourcing company called the ODM Group.
I'm staying in a shared apartment with two other interns from the UK in the south of Zhuhai, called Gongbei.

Sunrise over Zhuhai seen from my balcony

Arriving on Thursday I just had 5 days in Zhuhai, but I could already experience very much.
On Sunday, I went together with other interns from InternChina on a waterfall trip in the mountains outside of Zhuhai. Having around 35 degrees we went a little bit through the Chinese jungle and hiked up a mountain to the waterfall.

View from the mountain 
  It was totally worth it climbing the mountain

I'm really looking forward to the next 2 month here in China and can't wait to start working for the company and learning new skills.

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