Friday 14 August 2015

New country, new food

After two weeks in China, I already had some great experiences. One part of the Chinese culture is the great Chinese food. If you can't speak Chinese you should go to one of the numerous restaurants which have pictures on the menu, just to know what you're going to order.

But once you made it to order, it will be awesome!

New country, new food
One of China's specialties is salmon slices. You get them on ice and eat it like sushi with soy sauce.

New country, new food
One property at this salmon dinner is that you get everything of the salmon fish, when you order the slices. That means you will get the ordered filet slices and the rest of the fish fried as starter.

I'm really impressed of the amazing Chinese food I got until now and I'm really curious what I can discover in the remaining 6 weeks.

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