Thursday 20 August 2015

Mt. Jingshan Park, Zhuhai - A Great Sunday Trip!

After 3 weeks spend in Zhuhai, I haven't really explored this city in personal yet. I normally work 10 hours per day, and spend my weekends outside Zhuhai. I therefore decided that it was time to stay a see what Zhuhai has on it's program. 

After another Saturday out having drinks with friends around here, we planned to use our Sunday hiking up a mountain to burn some calories, after lasts nights unhealthy dinner. The mountain is placed inside the Mt. Jingshan Park and leads hikers up to the famous Fisherman statue, looking down at his famous wife, The Fisher Girl, (Symbols of Zhuhai)   

View from the mountain - Half way up

In that fact that people are in different shapes, did we need to hike up the mountain slowly, which typically doesn't fit me, because I love physical exercises etc.. I took advantages of peoples bad shape and took some amazing pictures instead, meanwhile waiting for them.

The girls are posing for a picture - Close to the top

The girls caught us halfway up. Maybe they weren't in such bad shape anyway. 

The Zhuhai Fisherman - Looking for his Fishergirl

We finally reached the top of the mountain, after some beautiful 360 degrees panorama views on our way up the mountain. When we reached the top, we explored the famous Fisherman monument.     

The slide down the mountain 

Everybody was exhausted after the climb, which resulted in taking down the slide of the mountain. We used more than 2 hours climbing up the mountain, and only 5 minutes to come down :) 
This mountain in Mt. Jingshan Park is definitely a visit worth if you are planning to stay in Zhuhai for a while. 

This was another great experience as well. Next weeks trip is going Foshan, and I can't wait to blog about that next time. 

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