Wednesday 7 September 2011

Finding Apartments in Zhuhai

When trying to find apartments in Zhuhai, never go alone.
Especially if you cannot speak Mandarin - you will get taken to the cleaners. Remember you can bargain the price down on almost all apartments, but do not be so aggressive, as these people could be your landlord, and you do not want to annoy them before you move in.

Most contracts stipulate you must stay for a year, however you could get 6 months but more than likely will have to pay more for it.

According to people I have spoken to, Zhuhai is the equivalent of a new metropolis in Guangdong province.

Keep this in mind when looking for apartments. It is good to look for apartments around 2000RMB per month (1500 if you will be sharing), you can find very nice apartments for that!
When searching for apartments I was lucky enough to have a Chinese friend come with me, and we found an apartment in the centre of Jida on the 27th floor of a new building for 3000RMB per month. Below are some pictures of the apartment so you have an idea how far your money can go!

Balcony with a wonderful sea view

Apartment with spacious living room

Breathtaking into Zhuhai City from bedroom

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