Tuesday 13 September 2011

Mid- Autumn day in Zhuhai- ChopperWood

For this Mid-Autumn day I went to a festival in Zhuhai called Chopperwood in Beishan Theatre. In memory of an excellent guitar player and fellow expat in Zhuhai, Ronnie Keelan- who unfortunately passed away in July 2011.
It really says something about a person who has a festival named after them, and from speaking to his friends, Ronnie Keelan definitely deserved this and more.

Sound Check Chopperwood 2011

This is also a perfect way to see how life in Zhuhai has a perfect mix of westerners and locals.

Second stage Chopperwood

A whole community of ex-pats from Zhuhai and bands coming from Hong Kong and Zhuhai came out to show their respects, it was a very memorable festival and I hope it will become an annual event, allowing expats and locals the perfect opportunity to mingle.

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