Thursday 15 September 2011

Mid-Autumn Day

Mid-Autumn Day is a national holiday in China for three days- this year it was on the 10th-12th of September signalling the middle autumn day (funnily enough). The Mid-Autumn day itself is the day that the moon is at its fullest, this year it was on Sunday 11th.
It is similar to Harvest Festival in the West; however Mid-Autumn Day has one doughy silver lining- Mooncakes.
A friend said to me that they make you feel like a cement mixer when you eat them, which isn’t far off the texture- very, very heavy.
The Mid-Autumn Day Festival is a time when pretty much everywhere in China closes down- the country gets three days to recharge it batteries- which if you have ever lived in China you will understand that they need this- everything goes at 100 mph.
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