Friday 23 September 2011

Zhuhai- Mapping the land

Zhuhai is quite a small city by China's standards but I can helpfully be broken up into 3 city centers as Jamie from Intern-China helpfully told me. To the North you have Xiangzhou, here there is 2 bars that are quite big with the Expat community and good for watching any sports, they are The Office Bar, and Micheal's Bar.

Zhuhai Map
Central and slightly to the East is JiDa, this is the central center as is a very nice place to live as you are in between the two other centers. Jida boasts a 'beach' of some sorts and the infamous JiDa bbq (both will be spoken about in later blogs).

To the south is Gongbei. This is where all the action happens (literally if you go to Lanpu Lu, but we will talk about that soon!). In Gongbei there is Bar Street a street that pretty much has all of the worthwhile clubs, 88's is a pretty good one, but like the rest of these places they deserve a blog of there own.

To the East of Giongbei there is Nanping and Huafa. At the time of writing there is not very much to talk about apart from the Fusion restaurant just off Shoufeng Lu Road, which is pretty good for western foods. These are up and coming places, so keep your eyes peeled!

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