Wednesday 21 September 2011

Sight-Seeing in Zhuhai- The Fisher Girl

One of the biggest sights to see in Zhuhai is definitely the Fisher Girl. If I'm completely honest I was a little disappointed and thought that I have seen chess pieces bigger, however I spoke to a friend and they said it was massive. Maybe its just because I'm so tall I get nose bleeds when I stand up due to the altitude. I'm pretty much a landmark in Zhuhai at the moment.

I have heard many stories about the Fisher Girl, all a little bit far fetched if you ask me, but still very nice. The original one I heard from a friend was pretty much the Chinese version of the little mermaid. It involved a mermaid who loved Zhuhai so much that she turned into a woman so that she could come ashore with here soon to be husband. Note: I do not think there are any singing crabs in this story.

Zhuhai Fisher girl
The other story starts off very nice- there was a massive storm when the Portugese tried to invade mainland China- the conquered Macoa but no where else, and all of the Portugese ships sank, killing everyone apart from a lone fisher girl. She swam to shore, survived and then walked up the nearby mountain and descended to heaven. I struggled to understand why you would want to ascend to climb up a mountain and die after being the lone survivor, but hey.

Regardless of the stories surrounding the Fisher Girl, it is very nice and you are hard pushed to find a day where it is not engulfed by a large swarm of tourists shouting at the sea (meant to release your bad energy).

It is a very nice landmark for Zhuhai and the people seem to love it. Definitely worth a see even if it is to watch the tourists singing along to the Chinese tunes coming from the homeless person who somehow can afford a PA system.

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