Wednesday 7 September 2011

Rules for a successful relocation to China:

1. Learn the language- no one speaks English here so you need to learn, or fail that find a Chinese friend who will be your translator!

2. Crossing the Road- Do not wait for cars, simply weave in between them, or you could be waiting all day!

3. Restaurants- Order something you have never tried, most of the time it is delicious!

4. Money- It is cheap here, but it is easy to spend a lot of money- budget yourself around £10 (100RMB) a day, should be more than enough.

5. Egotistic- Get used to the fact that if you are a westerner everyone will look at you. Just don’t let this go to your head, be nice to everyone you meet and you will be fine.

6. Saving Face- This is a big problem. The Chinese cannot be seen to lose face, so if anything ever happens allow the Chinese people to win, bow down and continually say Duibuqi (Doohbooooshaai)(sorry).

This list will be updated weekly, so stay tuned, and if you have any ideas email us and yours could make the list!

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