Tuesday 8 November 2011

Disneyland Hong Kong - "Happiest Place on Earth" (Part 1)

Joe had previously covered Ocean Park, which he regard as the Disneyland of Hong Kong. I will now take you through the real Disneyland! Getting there is relatively easy....

Spot the Disneyland Icon?

1. Board the nearest MTR Station and make your way towards the Tung Chung line(Yellow Line). Tung Chung, known for its famous City Gate Outlet shopping mall is a shopping paradise! Renowned brands such as Coach, Timberland, Ralph Lauren are priced slightly cheaper than the specialty stores.

A separate line just for Disneyland..
2. Alight at Sunny Bay and change to purple line that will take you directly to Disneyland. I can't believe they actually had a train just for Disneyland itself, simply amazing!


3. I was definitely taken aback when I saw the train approaching. Other than a separate line, they even designed the exterior with their trademark Micky Mouse mirrors! & When I took my 1st step into the train.....

"Cinema Seats"
Customized Handles...

Statues of Disney Characters...

Simply love how they decorate it to make it a full experience!! Customizing handles and etc to make it a very own Disneyland train. Taking about POS display, no one explains it better than ODM!

Journey of getting there is definitely exciting, and BEING there is way better. Do return for our very next episode of this adventure!

"Disney" had definitely made a name for itself and is now used in various ways such as through the means of promotional products! Check out the links below on how Disney further market itself!

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