Monday 21 November 2011

Hiker's Guide: Jardine's Lookout

With the lovely weather shining across Hong Kong on a Saturday, I decided to sweat it out by going Hiking! Instead of finding a easier mountain to climb, I aimed for the toughest(regretting now) which is Jardine's Lookout! Getting there is relatively easy, just board bus 6 or 66 from Central Bus Terminal and get off somewhere near Wong Nai Chung Gap.

Start of the Trial...

Headed off at 12pm with the Sun at its best. You really get to sweat it out despite the weather in Hong Kong at this moment! Not to mention there's a bbq pit area near there too!

The "not so steep" version...

After 1.5 of strenuous climbing, I finally reached the top!! Indeed a challenging and tough process but you get a certain sense of achievement when you reach the very top. The amazing view simply takes your breath away...

Check this out!
You can basically see the whole Hong Kong from the top, literally. If you're looking at enjoying some great scenery, hiking is just about the right thing to do every weekend. However, the muscle aches are currently killing me right now. Stay tune for the next hiking post! (Crossing fingers for a great weather)

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