Friday 4 November 2011


Shenzhen is the first Chinese city north of Hong Kong and the entrance by land to China. You can see the influence of Hong Kong here- perfect subway, a lot of very nice skyscrapers and a few more English speakers than you do in Zhuhai.

A friend told me that for most people in Guangdong go to Shenzhen to make their money- it has a number of multi-national corporations head quartered there and is as close to Hong Kong without leaving the mainland as you will get.

Shenzhen, China- Interns could work HERE

One of the ODM Group’s offices is situated in Shenzhen, so maybe in the near future you could be living here!

Check out our  jobs page to see the latest internships with us in Guangdong and Hong Kong, or check it out here on our mother site!

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