Wednesday 2 November 2011

Hong Kong "Street Food"

You can never leave a country without trying their so called "Street Food", whereas Hong Kong is a city flooded with street food delights! Below is how a typical Street Stall looks like. Some places where you can find lots of cheap and delicious snacks like this are at Mong Kok or Temple Street.

The sight of this makes you go "WOW"..
  Here are some food that I've tasted and recommend, eat at your own risk though!!!

1. Egg Tarts

$5 HKD
You gotta try the delicious egg tarts in Hong Kong, almost every shop sells it! The egg texture is so soft it kinda "flows away" when you swing a little!!! Highly recommended ones can be found at Honolulu cafe in Wan Chai or Tai Cheong Bakery(many outlets). The butter based ones at Tai Cheong is my favourite though (:

2. Egg Waffle also known as "Ga Dan Zhai"

Around $12-$15HKD, price ranges
Once you smell a strong pancake aroma, it gotta be this! Light fluffy crispy snack is definitely addictive, also available with chocolate fillings as well!

3. Fishball also known as "Yu Dan"

$6 HKD
A very popular snack in Hong Kong and you can see them in a ultra big tub. Comes in either original or spicy flavour and usually served with some curry sauce. Please note that this isn't the kind of fishball like "Old Chang Kee" in Singapore, texture is slightly different.

4. Rice Roll also known as "Chee Cheong Fan"

Around $10 HKD for 4 rolls
I was walking around Sham Shui Po one day and I saw this really long queue. Told myself I had to check it out and I saw this push cart selling chee cheong fan. That was for takeaway and they had a restaurant where one can sit back and relax with other snacks as well. Had to try this and I really love it!! Something special about the Chee Cheong Fan over here is the PEANUT SAUCE! The mixture of flavours were so good and texture of the rice roll were smooth too...

5. Red Bean Pudding also known as "put zhai gou"

$4 HKD
Often seen on HK dramas, I finally got the chance to taste it. They are prepared in either white sugar or brown sugar, which explains the colour. The jelly like soft texture is indeed enjoyable, together with the red beans just made it more chewy! It isn't very sweet and a great snack to munch on. Try the ones at Sham Shui Po, just after coming out the D2 MTR exit you will see a stall selling different varieties of snacks.

6. Glutinous Rice Ball also known as "Tang Yuan"

$20 HKD for 5 balls...
A common dessert in most Asia countries. Peanut soup is often used as the base in Singapore, but in Hong Kong, sugar syrup is used instead. However, the soft texture and various fillings such as sesame/peanut taste as good as it looks! 

Fun Fact: Did you know that "Tang Yuan" is consumed on Lantern Festival? Check out our mother blog for more information!

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