Thursday 3 November 2011


KTVs, or Karaoke TeleVision bars in other cultures are massive in China. If you come here you can guarantee at some point that you will go in one, and if you are the only foreigner, you will be expected to sing.

KTVs are not as daunting as you first think as you rent out rooms that have a large flat screen television and a microphone, and then buy/bring whatever drinks etc you like.  They can vary from ultra-exclusive KTVs were you will pay around 5000 RMB for a room, to a more standard 100 RMB.

KTVs- a great way for interns to relax in China!

The other slightly nerve-racking element is that- without generalising a whole nation- Chinese people are very good at singing. Not so long ago I was invited to a KTV in Shenzhen where I was the only foreigner in a room of around 40. As soon as I walked in they wanted me to sing a song, and I managed to at least get a little Dutch courage before I sang what maybe the most monotone version of ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles every sung.  

I think basically if you sing like there is no tomorrow people will like your voice even if it isn’t as good as theirs, but you just have to throw caution to the wind and sing your heart out!!

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