Wednesday 23 November 2011

Practical tips into China

If you are planning to enter China for social or business visits, make sure you do two most important things, collect 'fa piao' upon purchases and learn to drink Chinese tea.

It is important to note that the Chinese tend to drink tea during business meetings in the day. Hence, it is crucial to understand and practise the basic Chinese tea etiquette, to show mutual understanding between hosts and guests.

Hong Kong Tea Culture
Generally, there is only one point to take note on Chinese tea drinking, to show your appreciation to those who served you tea. While someone is pouring you tea on your cup (normally the host), tap the table with your index and middle fingers (occasionally with ring finger too). This is an alternative to express thanks whenever you are in the middle of a conversation. A more polite way is to acknowledge with a nod or simply say 'thanks'.

ODM has wrote about a blog on 'fa piao' and its rather interesting... Have a look here!

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