Tuesday 15 November 2011

Sushi Lovers in Hong Kong

When I first came to Hong Kong, I noticed the substantial amount of Jap Stalls around. After researching, it is proven that Hong Kong citizens secretly loves Sushi!!

At the end of my 1st week of work at ODM, I made my way to Sushi One together with the other colleagues. Reason being? There's 50% off all sushi after 10pm!!! Being Singaporeans, we went there at 9pm and there was a long queue right outside the shop.

The perfect place to enjoy a sushi buffet...
While queuing, we were given a piece of paper so we could start placing our orders(making the best of our time). To be honest I had difficulty trying to decipher the name of the dishes cause it sounded pretty weird!

As we all know, there isn't exactly any good deal without paying a price for it! To be entitled to the 50% off, there is a minimum spending of $80HKD per head excluding service charge. However, the food was acceptable and definitely a great place for feasting! 

There's unlimited supply of Sashimi for just about everyone...

Guess we lost track of our orders!! 
PS: This promotion is available EVERYDAY (: Make your way to Hong Kong now to enjoy this special treat! 

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