Monday 31 October 2011

Interns at Canton Fair- how to get there

Last week we went to the Canton Fair- one of the largest trade shows in the world!! It was safe to say it was very, very busy!

Getting there:
  1. Zhuhai- 
  • Get a bus from Gongbei Bus Station (buses run every half an hour from 6.30 am) to Guangzhou 
  • This journey will take around 2 hours, it is very scenic:

This journey should cost you around 75 RMB and is a very nice journey, you can see the sharp contrast between the countryside and the capital of Guangdong- with 10 million people it is the same size as London.

  • When on the bus the last stop should be Guangzhou East Railway station. If you are not sure ask when you book the ticket. I relied on the very few English signs dotted around in Guangzhou to tell me if I was going the right way. I have been told all buses end in this station, but you never know when this will change.
  • Once at the train station you need to find your way to the Metro (subway/underground). You will have to leave the station, but there are plenty of English signs to the Metro.
  • Once on the metro it is relatively easy to work out, you need to go to Pazhou- You go down the orange line 5 stops, change on to the blue line, and go 4 stops. 
  • When you get at Pazhou one of the exits is the convention center, exit and go into the convention.
Note: you will need your passport, 1 photo, and 100 RMB to get into the site.

See how the rest of the team got on over on our sister blog, The ODM Group:


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