Friday 7 October 2011

China- A Country Running at a Thousand Miles an Hour

I have now been in China for a month, and feel that it is time to do a kind of review on the Chinese lifestyle etc. There is one main point to this- explaining the speed of China.
GDP Growth has grown year on year at an average at 10.5%, this can be seen through the whole culture in China, primarily through the language. Unlike us English speakers, there is no messing around with the Chinese language, everything is direct, everything is logical. There is no room for ‘likes’ or ‘maybes’- or either are or you are not.
Secondly the speed can be seen through production- when I first got my place in China there was a petrol station being built- at that time it barely had the roof on, and my friend said that production was started 2 weeks before. Today when I walked past it, it is almost finished with only final finishing touches to be done. If we were in England that would takes months of planning. When you look around Zhuhai you realize this- that 25 years ago there was nothing- and now look at it:
Zhuhai- Pearl of the Ocean
Finally this can be seen through the eating habits- some people may think that the Chinese people have bad eating habits- I do not believe this- it is just another illustration of the extreme time efficiency in China.

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