Wednesday 12 October 2011

Hong Kong Identity Card

I just went to Immigration Tower in Hong Kong to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card (like the picture below). Before applying, making an appointment either online or phone is recommended. This prevents long queues at the reception. Surprisingly though, there wasn't any queue for the walk-ins just now. The reception officer will verify your appointment and give you a queue number.
Hong Kong Identity card
I waited about 20 minutes before I was called in to submit my application. The officer at the booth verified my details on the form and asked for both my thumbprints. Upon confirmation, she scanned both the application form and the vital details of my passport onto her computer. (Scanner like something below, looks professional doesn't it?) The last step was to take a photo of me, in the booth itself. (Very different from Singapore's procedures, where they allowed photographs to be submitted).Almost every booth on that floor had a camera to facilitate applications for identity cards, which I believe is a security measure. The one in the picture of the identity card is the one who physically applied. They even let you have a few tries for photo-taking and let you take your pick! (Singapore had instant photo-taking booths though.. To ease long queues)

At around 1.30pm, I had to wait again for an interview by immigration officers in their respective booths. During the wait, there were a few internal announcements by the immigration staff and one of it was included my queue number, by extension, me! I initially thought there was something wrong with my application, but look what I've got in the end!

Hong Kong Identity Papers
This was a similar form I got from the immigration officer I've seen! When it was my turn to see him, he requested for both my thumbprints, for verification purposes. (Proves how careful HK Immigration is..)

Overall it took about 1.5 hours, rather fast I must say! I can now bring my HKID instead of my passport along the streets and enjoy faster immigration clearance across HK borders!

For more information, visit the HK Immigration website!

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