Monday 24 October 2011

Cruise with Star Pisces for a mini getaway(Part 2)

Cruising is all about relaxing and enjoying the life you can't get on land! After all the guilty pleasures, I believe it's time to take a break and work those fats off!!!

Outdoor Pool...

The Outdoor Pool is relatively small, but with the jacuzzi, everything felt perfect! Chilling never got better with a view of Hong Kong'ss harbour. "Avenue of Stars" is probably where you can get the best view of the harbour...but hey, you're literally much higher than it now! You're on the deck of the ship!!! 

Sailing out of Hong Kong Island...

Hockey with a mini goal post!

Who would had thought hockey can actually be played on a ship. Well, a picture means a thousand words. Caught some crew playing hockey and I was told to join in the game, too bad I didn't bring my sports attire.

To all girls out there who thinks doing an internship in Hong Kong would result in a severe change on the weighing scale...don't worry about it now! 

How can I end this topic without some "night" activities(well you guys know what I'm talking about) So..STAY TUNED! 

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