Monday 24 October 2011

Setting up a Chinese Bank Account

This weekend I set up a Chinese bank account. it may seem very daunting to any interns when they first get here, but actually its relatively simple. Go to the biggest bank you can find, as I went to a small one and it was a little bit of a struggle. The big banks almost always have a English speaking, and its almost always a very attractive young woman. Makes things a lot more interesting.

So I went to the Postal bank, however I know many other foreigners who got accounts at different banks, and I think they all follow the same process. The only Chinese you need for this is ying hang hu kou which means bank account.

The people at the desk will pretty much walk you through the documentation- all you have to do is input your address, your full name and a passport so they can check your visa. It will probably take around half an hour, but afterwards you will get your card on the same day!!

Interns in China Bank Cards

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