Wednesday 26 October 2011

Exhibiting at the Mega Show!

Just last weekend, I had my first experience of exhibiting at a trade fair. Mega Show Part 1 was crazy, with lots of booths and people, it can take you 2 hrs(speed walking) to scan through 1 hall (there were 3 halls)!

Setting up the booth was pretty interesting, we turned a empty white booth into something like........

Basically we had to advertise our products and block the path to get buyers stopping at our booth. The trade show starts at 9am-6pm, and we had to start for 9hours! I'm just kidding, of course you can take a seat inside.

You get to see booths from USA, Taiwan, India etc etc and there are so many interesting products that you can never think of. Count yourself lucky if the exhibitors are willing to give you a sample of it!

ODM staff looking good! Without the boss...
happy people doing some advertising...
Of course there's the fun part...SNACKS! Our dear boss made these cookies for us ^^ we cleared it within 2 days, that should answer the question of whether it tasted good! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
24" Paisano's Special..
Awesome huh! 
Overall an enriching experience where you get to meet buyers from all over the world. Check out the link here for more information on Hong Kong/China trade shows for the month of October!

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