Thursday 27 October 2011

Cruise with Star Pisces for a mini getaway (Part 3)

Here it is, the last and best (interchangeable with food) way to end this topic. After the eating and exercising, lets get back to enjoying once again!

Interesting huh..
Weird to see a pool table on a ship huh? This is the place for karaoke or a glass of beer, and a game of pool to decide who gets the bill!! Truth to be told, it was the most challenging game ever. With the ship sailing on China seas, I could barely balance on the ground, not to mention the balls on the table!!! 

Oh look, they even celebrate Oktoberfest as well. Being a typical tourist, I just had to check it out....

Venue-Galaxy of the stars..
We have the Avenue of Stars over at Tsim Sha Tsui, but there's Galaxy of Stars on board the ship! Basically a venue for all activities organized by the crew, which includes the Oktoberfest. Since its the month of sausages and beer, they had a drinking and eating competition. What a great combination! 

Perfect view...
Objection to "Avenue of stars is where you get the best view of the harbour"! Check this out, you're on a deck, on the highest level, beats everything hands down! This was perhaps the best photo I've taken throughout the 2 day trip. 

Do ignore my chinese name...
Every passenger on board gets an access card like the one shown above. It's basically a room card and credit card as well. No cash transactions are involved when you're on the ship, it charges to the card and one settles the bill on the day of disembarkation. 

Overall a great experience and I wouldn't mind going for another trip. I'm not very sure of the fees as my parents booked it in Singapore, however port taxes and fuel surcharge excluding room charges is around HKD 360. Star Pisces is only available in Hong Kong. Thinking of working and enjoying at the same time? ODMasia is the right place for an internship! 

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