Thursday 6 October 2011

National Day (Golden Week)

This year the Chinese National Day holiday was on the 1st October until the 7th October. This holiday can be confusing to foreigners as the holiday is one day- National Day, however most of China has holiday until Friday the 7th.

The holiday itself is only 3 days long, but the government decided that it would be better to have the full week off than 3 days. This means that everyone goes back to work on Saturday the 8th and works the weekend.

The holiday used to be about speeches and military demonstrations, but after the Chinese economy expanded, it is now used for people to go see their relatives.

National Day exercises

Note that in holiday week travel is near on impossible. Every bus that you see will be packed to its brim and there are virtually no taxis. I had to walk for around 40 minutes until I found an unlicensed taxi, and they charged me around 5 times the usual amount and we got lost 5 times. This was going 3 miles up the road.

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