Friday 28 October 2011

A trip to Tai O fishing village..

Last month I made a trip out to Lantau Island. Instead of visiting the famous Buddha at Ngong Ping 360, I went to Tai O Fishing Village! It's really easy to navigate your way there. You can either take the MTR to Tung Chung and change to a bus OR take the ferry from Central to Mui Wo and take bus no. 1 to Tai O.

A suggested route if you want to avoid the long queue at Tung Chung! 

Let me take you on a tour on their local snacks. Pardon me for blogging about food all the time, it just happens to be the best part of the trip as always!

Cha Guo(also known as Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore)
I tried their local snack, which is also known as Cha Guo in Chinese. It is basically flour made into a chewy texture which consist of peanut fillings. Tasted a bit different from the ones I have in Singapore, definitely less oily and a had a tea taste to it.

BBQ Honey Glazed Chicken...

BBQ Scallop with Garlic 
If you happen to go there, you definitely got to try one of the BBQ stalls! The honey glazed drum stick was simply awesome, never tasted something like that back in Singapore. Of course the scallop with garlic which cost 30 minutes of my time! Not to mention they are relatively cheap as well, around HKD20.

Stilt Houses
Moving on to the cultural area, you can hardly find any Stilt Houses now! Went on a short tour by the river and I can't imagine myself living in this condition. Not to mention Singapore was once a fishing village!! Lucky to be born after world war 2 now!

There are definitely more to Tai O than this! Lots of street market and food, like an entirely different place compared to Hong Kong. Be sure to check it out if you happen to intern at ODMasia (:

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